We are committed to providing exceptional and reliable service that our clients can depend on. We offer a wide range of services to meet diverse needs across various projects and sectors, including: offshore, aquaculture, cargo, tug, inshore or close to shore operations and research.

Offshore Support & Supply

  • Towing/Vessel Escort
  • Escort Duty
  • Liquid/Dry Bulk Cargos
  • Marine Construction Support
  • Marine Salvage
  • Spill Cleanup Support
  • Marine Training Support
  • Buoy Tending
  • Offshore Installation and Resupply
  • ROV Operations
  • Standby Emergency Function
  • Ice Management

Aquaculture Support

  • Buoy Laying
  • Cargo Transportation/Supply Duties
  • Construction and Maintenance Support
  • ROV Operations
  • Feeding Services
  • Fish Welfare
  • Treatment Support
  • Anchor Handling/Mooring Operations
  • Towing
  • Net Handling/Net Cleaning/Net Installation

We have the capability to provide customized vessel support as required and we also have access to contract vessels as needed. Contact us to learn more.